We are America's premier fraternal organization of commissioned, warrant officer and flight officer rated military pilots, male and female, of all branches of our U.S. armed forces and WASPs who flew or fly any type of powered, military, heavier-than-air aircraft.

The Order

The story starts with the legend of Daedalus and Icarus. Legend has it that they escaped the Island of Crete by fabricating wings made of feathers, wax and string. Daedalus told his son, “Don't fly too close to the water or your wings will become water logged and don't fly too high or the heat of the sun will melt the wax and your wings will fail.” Icarus, however, was so enthralled by the experience of flight that he soared too high melting the wax and he fell into the sea which now bears his name.

In October of 1933, a group of career officers in the Army Air Corps, stationed at Maxwell Field, Montgomery, Alabama consolidated the ideas which had long been developing with regard to the formation of a fraternity of military pilots. On March 26, 1934 there was formally instituted the Order of Daedalians, the name taken from the legendary Greek flyer, Daedalus. This group was composed of pilots who, no later than the armistice of 1918, held ratings of pilots of heavier-than-air powered aircraft

The Purpose of the Daedalians

The Order of Daedalians honors, as its Founder Members, all WW aviators who were commissioned as officers and rated as military pilots no later than the Armistice on 11 November, 1918. It perpetuates their names as the first to fly our country's airplanes in time of war. The Order's membership of commissioned military pilots, with its worldwide network of Daedalian Flights and its comprehensive awards program, supports the military services, and other aerospace activities. The Awards and Scholarship Programs of the Order and Foundation encourage patriotism, integrity, and good character in our nation's youth; military careers as commissioned pilots; safety of flight, and excellence in the performance of military duties. The Daedalian Foundation's scholarship program also promotes study in aerospace disciplines.


FIRST: To place nation above self.

SECOND: To be worthy of the trust and confidence of fellow Daedalians.


  1. Promote air and space power in support of national defense;

  2. Educate Americans to the advantages of air and space power;

  3. Promote the rewards of a career in military aviation to young Americans;

  4. Honor the legacy of our founder members and all who have flown in defense of our nation;

  5. Encourage and recognize improvements in flight safety, weapons development, combat support and the overall effectiveness of air and space power;

  6. Recognize exceptional performance by military pilots.

Link to APOLLO page:            http://apollo.daedalians.org

How to join a Daedalians Flight

Eligibility Criteria

U.S. Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine or Navy pilots of heavier-than-air, powered aircraft, active, retired, Reserve or Guard who hold or held a commission, warrant or flight officer status, or WASP are eligible for membership in the Order. Membership is not restricted with respect to age, sex, race, etc.

Pilots who held commissions, warrants or flight officer status but no are longer affiliated with the military must have been honorably discharged. All pilot ratings must have been received as a result of having successfully completed a U.S. military pilot training program.

Application Forms

Below are links to membership applications for Hereditary and Named members. Hereditary membership is offered to direct or adopted descendants of the original Founder members. Most applicants fall into the category of Named members.


Application fee is $60 (as of Oct 2014) broken down as follows:

Dues - $35.00

Initiation Fee - $25.00

Link to National webpage:


The National Order of Daedalians official web site membership page (here) may contain additional information regarding joining the Order including options for Life membership. Interested applicants must be members in good standing with the National Order before they can join a local flight